Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Fairy Fighting Download and Play

Fairy Fighting Download details

Guys, you can get all the details for fairy fighting game- including cheats, controls and many other tricks on the below links.

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Here you will get all cheats and controls details with the guide line how to play fairy fighting game online



Enjoy playing Fairy Fighting game......

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Fairy Fighting Tiki

The game's Sole protagonist so far, is a fairy. She walks around naked all the time. Needless to say she gets attacked by monsters in perverted ways. She cannot 'fly' however she can hover. She has some elemental Magic.

Tiki stands about seven inches (18cm) tall. She has a size B breast and her measurements are approximately 12cm, 8cm, 9cm. She is an elvish fairy with Pale skin and light blue hair. Her gossamer wings are the same colour as her hair.

Not really innocent, in that she will openly perform sexual acts with other Fairies, sometimes including the Fallen Fairy, she does non-the-less abhor these creatures in the fairy realm who are always trying to rape her and her friends. Determined to free her kinfolk from oppression she sets out to fight her way to the Fairy Crusher lair, and teach several monsters some lessons along the way.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Fairy Fighting Updates and Fixes :

Fairy Fighting Updates and Fixes :

1. Fixes-
  • Added new Monster Arachne? Arachne and her own stage is added? 
  • Eluku added Arachne to get the feel of it ?for now she can onlt move? 
  • Normal attack and Etchi skill will be added throughout the development 
  • Eluku didn’t made the trigger for Arachne stage, so if you want to see her… beat the F.C!? 
  • Lower the overall health[I am not sure if this means everyone including monstersand Tiki or it's just Tiki] 
  • Modified the Bee’s grab 
  • Bee may now assault from lower angle, which would make Tiki more vulnerable to grab attack 
  • Modified Scroll of Stage?[not sure what is this about, prolly faster pan of screen?] 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Fairy Fighting Fixes

Fairy Fighting Fix1:

- Monster before the door is four animals, does not work in a fixed position.
From their own fairy-chan monster door before being fucked to go to.(Per one animal)
The player to manipulate the motion-etch, to satisfy the monster.
(Looking at the gauge of the orgasm of monsters and fairy-chan's HP)

• If HP goes to zero in the middle of her fairy, to a very bad-END-
• When the order to satisfy the monster, and if you get it wrong the order-to Big Boss Stage Clear →, very awful to END · same

Friday, November 16, 2012

Fairy Fighting Cheats and Tricks


T = Up
B = Down
F = Left
H = Right
Q = Weak Punch
W = Strong Punch
A = Weak Kick
S = Strong Kick


At the character select screen you can use the following cheats (only works when playing as Tiki):

Stage Select - Up Key
SP/Life Recovery - Down Key

Also at the select screen, highlighting Tiki, you can press either W to get her in a normal skin, or S to play her in alternate skin and hair. I don't think it changes the moves at all.