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Fairy Fighting

Fairy Fighting

Fairy Fighting is a Hentai Game produced by Eluku Designs featuring a Naked Fairy woman fighting with an assortment of monsters and getting beaten up or raped in progressively more violent styles. It contains content across a wide range of fetishes.

This game was created in 2009 by Eluku. You can find more about the game and download the latest copy from the you are Registered to the fairy fighting forum then you can read updates in English and discussions on the game.

In case you high light-weight Tiki for the prefer monitor and choose your ex whereas mistreatment W button then you definitely notice your ex normal search at the side of complexion, just in case you ultimately opt for your ex whereas mistreatment S button then you definitely expertise associate substitute hair and skin coloration as a result of anyone make merry taking part in the energetic minor fairy within on its approach vast enhances for all fairy moves.

Fairy Fighting Download


Since Fairy Battling could be a action headline that's conducted on your computer, it's to use your key pad to duplicate the additional ancient manages that you simply would determine on a hand-held owner. Your on the web manages are:

T- Up

B- Down

F- Left

H- Right

The other set of manages area unit your fighting goes. These manages are:

Q- Inadequate Punch

W- extremely effective Punch

A- Inadequate Kick

S- extremely effective Kick

Now these don't seem to be the foremost positive to game play, therefore it'll take some obtaining accustomed before you'll be able to hit the proper key whenever and begin effective fights with some regularity. moreover the strategy of possibility whacking tends to come back into execute since there don't seem to be very combination goes for every monster specific. therefore if you wish to work out however it's that the spide master attracts Tiki, defends her in webbing so goes against her in associate degree hit that pipes fifty maximize her health and fitness bar, you're attending to ought to do some examining to dope it out.


Fairy Battling is obscurity close to one in every of the foremost wondrous actions you may ever execute, however given the little style team and also the issue that it had been designed exploitation 2nd Battling Producer it provides a quite powerful product for all that.

The certification supply US with a sense of pint-size worry that a fairy fighting for her method of style and her sex-related hygiene would encounter, operating with opponents larger, additional alarming and definitely complete interloper than she may ever very would like to be. And if you choose to execute jointly of the opposite animals, well then it's the opposite result, treatment you to a scenery wherever you encounter such as you area unit attending to win as a result of you have got the precise land plus place benefits.

You may still got to calculate and analysis the manages, developing positive that you simply get the proper hits in at the foremost ideal a moment to work out all of the exclusive strategies, however the scenery is ready astonishingly well for such a less costly method important up to Fairy Fighting’s growth.

Tips and Tricks

If you are experiencing as Tiki instead of jointly of the assorted animals that creates up the rogue’s choice of Fairy Battling there are a number of easy recommendations on the market to you. If, at the character selector show, you press the UP suggestion on your key pad it provides you with admission to a stage selector possibility. this can be a helpful strategy for those who wish to undertake out totally different stages, however cannot quite get through to them in action. but if you power the DOWN suggestion key then you may recover life/sp for Tiki.

If you highlight Tiki on the choose show and choose her with the W key then you get her regular look and skin, however if you choose her with the S key then you get an alternate skin and hair color for after you execute the dynamic very little fairy within the returning large matches.

Fairy Fighting 2013

Fairy Fighting 2013,  where you play as a fairy and have to fight other monsters. Download the fairy fighting new release game from above fairy fighting download links.

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